Our Story

From Allison’s perspective…

It was October 2004. I think it must have been a weeknight and I was at home with my roommate, sifting through messages on our online dating profiles. Typically, they would be a collection of one-liner messages that read something uninspiring. After a few weeks of online dating, you learn quickly that many guys copy and paste a standard message figuring a response can be found in the odds! But this one day, there was a special message.

I was reading a message who’s author offered some wit and charm, some personal insights and, when he shared about his skydiving excursion (something that always catches my attention because my brother was a skydiver) I was inspired! I responded enthusiastically and in kind, even including stories about my special connection to skydiving through my brother, Paul. I never offered this much detail in a first response but, on a whim, I poured at least part of my heart out.

Then… nothing. At least, I don’t remember anything. In the world of online dating, you don’t exactly wait around for a response so, by Christmas, I’d long forgotten about my exchange with the mystery man.

Around New Years, I got a message that said something like “I guess you’ve already been snapped up or aren’t interested but I just wanted to say, Merry Christmas and all the best! You seem like a great person.” ”Whaaat???” was my thought. Who is this guy? I responded: “Have we talked before?”

The same evening, I got a response: “Are you kidding me? Now you respond?” but that’s it! This guy didn’t tell me who he was or help me connect the dots. Now I had to figure this out so I offered a warmer message: “I’m really sorry if I’ve offended you but you seem familiar for some reason and you seem really great! I’d love to chat more.”

Now, David will tell you that after my first response, he had sent me a number of messages that I opened and didn’t respond to — apparently there is a symbol indicating when a recipient reads their messages. I truly don’t remember but I’m so glad David was persistent because we eventually did chat more. Neither of us wanted to get off the phone during that first call. We set a date and met February 1st, 2005.

Our first date was magical. We talked about all the things you aren’t supposed to talk about on a first date and what I remember most is laughing so hard, my cheeks and tummy hurt. I remember looking at him thinking I’d seen him before and realizing I’d dreamt about him playing with my future kids before I’d even met him. I remember that distint feeling: “This is different. Could it be…?”

We have been through a lot through the years and through it all, David has remained persistent and consistent in showing me his love and commitment to me. He sees me in a higher light than I see myself and, because of that, I have grown and become a better person. He makes me feel safe, at peace, and melts away any stress with a hug. He is a partner who I can count on to always be there, to challenge me mentally, to hold me tight when I question myself and to push me to stand strong on my own two feet when I should. I know we can count on much more belly-aching laughter as well as a gentle connection that always fits, no matter what’s going on between us or around us. Although we have been together for 7.5 years and have grown a lot, I look forward to a lifetime of learning and growing together to become better and stronger as individuals as result of being together.

From David’s Perspective…

Meeting people online was always a good way to develop an interesting story or two. I never imagined that I would find the woman of my dreams and we would be getting married. I remember when I first laid eyes on Allison, well, her profile picture anyways… She was beautiful! I had to read more about this woman. Everything I read was just so good that I had to connect with her. I remember the first person that saw her online at the time was my friend Trevor, as we worked together and I couldn’t resist showing him who I had discovered. So I reached out and contacted Allison. Her response was… amazing! I knew then that I had to meet her, soon. So I responded to her message with great enthusiasm and waited for a reply…. And wait I did. After several messages and attempts I was left with nothing. I was so confused. How did this seem so perfect and then turn to complete silence…

I decided at Christmas to reach out again, after a couple of months had passed, and just send to her a message of warm wishes for the holiday season. Nothing fancy, just one or two sentences (I had grown tired of writing to her earlier without responses), and this time… a response!

When we spoke on the telephone it was certain that we needed to meet in person. On February 1st, 2005 I had that opportunity. I picked her up at home and remember waiting for her outside by my truck. As she came into view, she was exactly what I dreamed she would look like and all I could muster was a simple phrase, “You look fantastic!” It must have been enough as and we went for dinner and drinks. We laughed a lot and the night just seemed to go by too quickly. Through the laughter of the evening I intermittently reminded her that, by her not responding to my messages for several weeks earlier, she could be the clear winner in a ‘play hard to get’ challenge.

As our dating life began its journey, I was quick to inform my close friends that I felt this was the person I would be with forever. I felt a connection with Allison immediately and I could only tell her “that I knew stuff” (about our relationship, about our future). I knew from the moment we met that we would be here in our life.

Allison is an amazing person and an incredible partner with me. She is a very driven and organized person who makes sure that she lives her life with purpose and passion. She is my best friend and the strength I need when I have to lean on someone. She supports me in life and is always there to offer a hand or to give the encouragement to succeed. Allison has the biggest and kindest heart and is not afraid to show it or share it. I am truly thankful to be marrying my best friend this year. The journey may have taken longer than we thought, to get to this day, but it has been remarkable and I love the memories we have made together.