A block of 15 rooms have been held at the Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown (1.9 km from the venue) at a special rate of $159.00/night, based on double occupancy. (There are additional charges for more than 2 people)

To reserve, click here or call Marriott Reservations at 1-800-207-4150 before Wednesday August 1st and identify yourself as part of the Cousins/Bran Wedding Block. (If you have any questions or require assistance, please connect with Nicole Oaten, Event Coordinator at the Marriott. She can be reached at (604)639-4070

More Options
Here is a short list of some additional hotels in the downtown core at different price ranges and all within 2.5 km of the venue:

A search in Google maps for “Hotels near Vancouver Rowing Club” yields an impressive selection of hotels in the surrounding area. Any hotel you may choose from this map (or within the Downtown Vancouver area) is approximately 5-20 minutes from the venue and close to anything you may want to see or do in the city.

Your best bet is to visit the map on Google where you can zoom in and out to various levels of detail. Here’s a preview of the map, below.

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